Tring Community Energy (TriCE) is a community benefit society. We aim to install renewable energy sources, primarily rooftop solar PV, at buildings in Tring and Tring villages. Installations will be financed by selling shares to investors.



We have identified a number of community buildings in Tring and Tring villages that appear to be suitable for solar PV. We wanted to find a first project with a special community angle, so we asked Tring Cricket Club. The Cricket Club has roofs that are suitable and are they are enthusiastic supporters of the project.

We have identified buildings that are suitable for a number of subsequent installations, and have entered into discussion with the management teams of some of them.



TriCE was registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Community Benefit Society in September 2014.



You and us.

You can support TriCE in any or all of three ways. Volunteer time (to help us with publicity); by investing! (anything from £250 up to a maximum of £4,500); tell everyone about the project.

If I invest, what do I get?

Investors will get a social dividend and a financial dividend. Social dividend includes contributing to a sustainable future; increasing local energy resilience, reducing the town’s carbon footprint; increasing awareness amongst local residents; increasing community engagement and cohesiveness.

The financial dividend looks like being around 4% (details on this will be in our Share Offer document, which is currently being drafted)

How can I find out more or register my interest in investing or ask for our Share Offer document? Contact us at


We are all volunteers who live in Tring and Tring villages. None of us seek nor expect payment for the work that we are doing for TriCE.



There are three main reasons why we are setting up TriCE. First, to involve schools, community groups and local people in renewable energy generation. Second, to benefit schools, community building users, and the local community. Third, to enable local people to invest in a local project.



TriCE is run by its investors on the OMOV principle (one man (or woman) one vote). So all members have an equal say in how TriCE is operated, irrespective of how many shares they own.

TriCE solar PV installations benefit from the Government’s feed-in-tariff (FIT).

Investors benefit from a social dividend and from a financial dividend (see “Who” section of website.)

After paying dividend to investors, profits will be used to support further renewable energy installations and/or to generate a fund to support energy saving opportunities for residents and business owners, and with an aim of especially helping residents living in fuel poverty.

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Detailed TriCE information and share offer documents.

FCA-accredited Rules : [PDF]

Community Shares Standard Mark - Code of Practice for Societies : [PDF]